About Lionel


Lionel Gougne is a spiritual teacher and a craniosacral therapist trained in osteopathy that has been helping adults and children improve their well-being and health for 14 years (“With the lightest touch, the most powerful healing" - Japan Times, 27/5/2006). A former attorney-at-law in New York and a graduate of Yale Law School, he is the founder of the "Oneness” curriculum that he teaches in Paris, Geneva, Berlin, London, Brussels, Singapore, online and also consults on Skype.

His private sessions and workshops are based on relaxation and liberation at the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels, and on connecting people to their essence so they can be free and fulfill themselves. His brainchild - the “Oneness Practice" - is an individual practice that is simpler than meditation which empowers people to feel better and be more free by simply raising the Oneness vibration in their body. Lionel also teaches “Oneness Movement” classes to relax the whole being and reconnect to our inner power and freedom through a new way of breathing, moving, letting go and developing non-resistance. Credits: Photo by Xavier Chabeur, le Centre Element, Paris.