About Lionel


Lionel Gougne is a spiritual teacher and practitioner as well as a craniosacral therapist trained in osteopathy (With the lightest touch, the most powerful healing" - Japan Times, 27/5/2006). He is the founder and teacher of the "Oneness Practice" - a practice different from meditation - that empowers people to free themselves, feel better and be healthier by simply raising the Oneness vibration in their body and connecting directly to their spiritual identity - their True Self - free of all limitations, baggage and past.

His activity started with a successful professional shift from law to healing after graduating from Yale Law School and being an attorney-at-law in New York. One day, reading the book Somato-Emotional Release by Dr. John Upledger, D.O., he decided to let go of everything to help others "be themselves." He studied craniosacral therapy, somato-emotional release and osteopathy at top institutions in the U.S., France and Japan and opened his own clinic in Tokyo and Berlin. In 2014, he developed a self-healing modality called Emotional Gates Therapy™ that is now incorporated in Lionel's Oneness curriculum and that enables people to identify and release, by themselves, hidden emotional and subconscious blockages affecting their well-being and health.

Observing that therapies can only go so far because they only work within duality and its endless flow of issues, "imprints" and past, and that they do not give the keys to the spiritual dimension for awakening and liberation, Lionel developed an original curriculum based on spiritual teachings that few people know, his own discoveries and his 14-year experience as a practitioner.

He teaches the Oneness curriculum in London, Geneva, Berlin, Paris, Brussels, Singapore and online and also consults in private sessions on Skype. Credits: Photo by Xavier Chabeur, le Centre Element, Paris.