About Lionel


Lionel Gougne is the founder of Emotional Gates Therapy™- a new alternative therapy and healing system that enables people to heal and fulfill themselves. He is also a craniosacral therapist and osteopath in practice for 14 years ("With the lightest touch, the most powerful healing" - Japan Times, 27/5/2006).

His activity started with a successful professional shift from law to healing after graduating from Yale Law School and being an attorney-at-law in a top international law firm in New York. One day, after reading the book Somato-Emotional Release by Dr. John Upledger, D.O., he decided to let go of everything to help others heal themselves physically, emotionally and get rid of "that which is not them and theirs". He studied craniosacral therapy and osteopathy at top institutions in the U.S., France and Japan and opened his own clinic in Tokyo in 2003 and then Berlin in 2010 where he successfully treated many patients, including children and babies.

Thanks to his clear-sightedness and ability to feel people's emotions in his own body, Lionel discovered, 11 years of practice later, how to heal people better by using emotions as gates to access and release subconscious, and other, blockages at the root of problems. More importantly, he found out a place in the body - a gate - that opens up in each and everyone of us when one is directly connected to his or her spiritual identity and through which flows the unique energy of the True Self, free from past and the ego.

This led him to develop and teach Emotional Gates Therapy™ in 2014 so people can learn how to plug directly into the dimension of oneness within them - their spiritual dimension where lies their spiritual identity that is free of all "baggage," blockages and past – in order to heal and truly fulfil themselves in life, thereby reducing the need to work on the endless flow of issues and limitations arising in duality, mind, and emotions etc.

Lionel teaches in London, Hampshire (U.K.), Geneva, Berlin, Brussels, Belgrade, Singapore, Bali and on Skype. To watch an 8-minute interview of Lionel (Serbian/English), click here (starts at 0'38 s). To contact Lionel, click here.