Craniosacral Therapy & Brain Osteopathy

Using a light yet powerful touch of 5 grams or less, tensions and blockages in the brain, spinal cord and craniosacral system are gently released to:

  • enhance general health and well-being
  • deeply relax the body and the nervous system
  • improve brain function
  • help the body regenerate and heal itself
  • address various back and neck conditions

Lionel practices, in particular, the new branch of osteopathy called "brain osteopathy" that gently addresses structural and functional issues in the brain and spinal cord to improve overall brain function.

Craniosacral Therapy is also effective at reverting the impact of emotional stress on the body's health and function by releasing emotions and energy kept in tissue memory after a physical or emotional shock. This process is called Somato-Emotional Release.

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