Babies and children healing in Brussels

I help babies and children feel better, heal themselves and grow healthier to the best of their potential.

My holistic work is recommended by several media, doctors and therapists, including Dr. Che and Khor, respectively paediatricians in Tokyo and Singapore, and Dr. Daya and Denef, doctors in London and Brussels.

Thanks to my gift with children, my clear-sightedness and my long experience, I am able to "read" them and get a feeling of what they need.

Craniosacral Therapy and Somato-Emotional Release gently release physical, emotional and psychological tensions in memory in the body, while strengthening the life-force of the body and its self-healing abilities.

Working with babies and children is particularly important because it allows them, at their young age, to quickly release many negative emotions and entropic energies in body memory that have been accumulated since conception and adversely impact their health and well-being.

Babies are the champions of Somato-Emotional Release because as soon as I delicately put my hands on them, their small body starts to pulse and release as many emotional tensions and negative energies as possible during the session. Each emotional and energetic release is accompanied by a long exhalation of relief.

Lastly, soul and karmic healing allow me to read, measure the vibration of, and heal, the soul, ridding it of karmic imprints if there are any, while using spiritual energies of healing and well-being.

The duration of a session is about 40 minutes. This time can be a little shorter because it is the child's body that sets the duration of the session.

A child's body works 3 times faster than that of an adult : a 40 minute healing is thus equivalent of a 2 hour long one for an adult.

Appointments in Ixelles
Price : 100 Euros
Bookings : [email protected].
Payment is made in cash on the day of the appointment as I have no electronic payment system.

Bank transfers are only possible if done prior to your appointment and upon evidence of completion.

Lionel Gougne

A clairvoyant healer, Lionel is known for his practical and powerful therapeutic and spiritual practice.

He graduated from the Upledger Institute of Craniosacral Therapy and Somato-Emotional Release, the Barral Institute of Osteopathy and studied different healing systems in Japan, France and the United States before developing his own multidisciplinary approach based on his gift of clear-sightedness, healing and spiritual reconnection.

Recommended by several doctors, therapists and media, including the Japan Times, he has accompanied thousands of people and taught many workshops on improving well-being and awakening consciousness,online and around the world.
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