Adult healing in Brussels

In this tailor-made session, I support your healing process in quite a unique et innovative way so you can heal and rejuvenate your body better and faster.

This session aims to help your body regenerate, rebuild its self-healing forces and restore the oneness and strength of the healing process which has been fragmented, corrupted and weakened by emotional, unconscious and physical tensions, the environment, toxins, entropic energies etc. The focus is therefore on the recovery of vital forces and restoring health, not on the treatment of particular symptoms.

To do so, I activate spiritual healing energies, work on subtle bodies and may use some gentle craniosacral therapy techniques. I also share with you some simple, short and effective exercises to do at home to support your process after the treatment.

My work, which is unlike any other, has been recommended by several medical doctors like Dr. Che in Tokyo, Dr. Khor in Singapore, Dr. Daya in London and Dr. Denef in Brussels.

A session lasts about 60 minutes. The exact duration depends on your situation and your body's response. Each session is spaced at least 3 weeks apart depending on the rate of improvement of your situation.

Appointments in Ixelles
Price: 120 Euros.
Appointments are made by email: Payment is made on site on the day of the session.

Get information about "Inner healing, liberation and transformation"

The themes connected to this session are: well-being and health, healing, immunity, relaxation, peace, regeneration, homeostasis, stress release, energy harmonisation, spiritual therapy, energy healing, intuitive healing, energy healing, holistic healing, alternative therapy.

Lionel Gougne

A clairvoyant healer, Lionel is known for his practical and powerful therapeutic and spiritual practice.

He graduated from the Upledger Institute of Craniosacral Therapy and Somato-Emotional Release, the Barral Institute of Osteopathy and studied different healing systems in Japan, France and the United States before developing his own multidisciplinary approach based on his gift of clear-sightedness, healing and spiritual reconnection.

Recommended by several doctors, therapists and media, including the Japan Times, he has accompanied thousands of people and taught many workshops on improving well-being and awakening consciousness, online and around the world.
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