Adult healing and well-being in Brussels

My holistic work has been recommended by several media, therapists and doctors.

It is designed for those who wish to feel better in their mind and body, heal faster and better, free themselves from toxic emotions, limiting beliefs, subconscious patterns, past, family and karmic imprints in body memory, and who wish to go one step further and activate their spiritual potential and power to transform their life.

Each session is unique and gives rise, almost every time, to a breakthrough.

  • My clear-sightedness saves valuable time to identify what needs to be healed, liberated and awakened in your "being".

  • Cranio-sacral Therapy and energy osteopathy help relax the body and the nervous system in depth while gently releasing the life force and self-healing capacities of the body. I am lucky to have been trained by the father of Cranio-sacral Therapy, Dr. John Upledger, doctor and osteopath in the United States.

  • Somato-Emotional Release makes it possible to release the emotional and psychic suffering of the being in body memory.

  • Energy healing activates the spiritual vibrations of well-being and healing that you need.

  • Soul healing allows you to free yourself of karmic imprints that lock you endlessly in loops, and to free the soul from pains that have a direct impact on your life.

  • Solar nutrition helps get more energy, feel better in mind and body and lose excess weight without any diet and while keeping eating what you like.

  • Lastly, "The Treasure" provides an unprecedented inner journey of healing and empowerment by activating your spiritual potential and power.

Price: 130 Euros / 60 minutes.
Booking: [email protected].

Payment is made in cash on the day of your appointment. Credit cards and other forms of electronic payment are not accepted on the day of your appointment.

Lionel Gougne

A clairvoyant healer, Lionel is known for his practical and powerful therapeutic and spiritual practice.

He graduated from the Upledger Institute of Craniosacral Therapy and Somato-Emotional Release, the Barral Institute of Osteopathy and studied different healing systems in Japan, France and the United States before developing his own multidisciplinary approach based on his gift of clear-sightedness, healing and spiritual reconnection.

Recommended by several doctors, therapists and media, including the Japan Times, he has accompanied thousands of people and taught many workshops on improving well-being and awakening consciousness, online and around the world.
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