"The Treasure"

Spiritual healing and reconnection online 

"The Treasure" is an inner journey of therapeutic healing and spiritual reconnection of a new type.

In this tailor-made session online, I help you reconnect with your inner power, your soul and your potential at the spiritual level, while freeing you of blockages, emotional and cellular imprints, unconscious patterns, past and karma at the therapeutic level.

Work is done gently, smoothly and dynamically on 5 levels simultaneously :

- By my clear-sightedness that helps me identify and activate the essential elements of your healing.
- By Somato-Emotional Release work.
- By spiritual healing throughout the session.
- By allowing you to speak and share feelings freely and without judgment.
- And by "The Treasure" - the spiritual keystone of the session.

This work, which is unlike any other, has been made possible by the thousands of people I have accompanied in my practice over the years and by several years of spiritual teaching. A session lasts between 75 and 90 minutes depending on its dynamics and necessity.

Price : 200 Euros (75-90 minutes). In English.

Contact : experiences@lionelgougne.com

Once I have received your payment through my website, I will email you to schedule an appointment and let you know of some basic office supplies to get for the session. My working hours are Tuesday to Friday, 10:00 to 19:00.

Lionel Gougne

A clairvoyant healer, Lionel is known for his practical and powerful therapeutic and spiritual practice.

He graduated from the Upledger Institute of Craniosacral Therapy and Somato-Emotional Release, the Barral Institute of Osteopathy and studied different healing systems in Japan, France and the United States before developing his own multidisciplinary approach based on his gift of clear-sightedness, healing and spiritual reconnection.

Recommended by several doctors, therapists and media, including the Japan Times, he has accompanied thousands of people and taught many workshops on improving well-being and awakening consciousness,online and around the world.
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