On-Demand Spiritual Awakening: Elevating the Hidden Vibration of Oneness

An inner awakening accelerator. A well-being and self-fulfilment booster. An unprecedented initiation. 

Coming by April 2024.


This upcoming on-demand awakening is open to anyone interested or feeling called.

It will be available in English by April 2024. If you already have a well-being, meditation, or personal development practice, it will amplify its power.

For those following The Treasure™ program, it serves as a powerful booster, elevating you to higher levels of well-being, consciousness, and self-realization.

This unique initiation reveals secret teachings not found in mainstream spiritual courses and practices (traditional mindfulness meditation for instance) to heighten the spiritual vibration of Oneness in your body, enabling you to:

- Automatically reduce the impact of duality, the past, negative thoughts, and emotions in everyday life.

- Access more easily the highest levels of your spiritual power and potential (The Treasure™).

To help you understand why, consider the analogy of a thermometer: if its capacity to read a temperature is capped at 77 degrees, it cannot access higher temperatures. Similarly, if the spiritual vibration of Oneness is capped at a low level, reaching the highest spiritual vibrations of The Treasure™ becomes less accessible.

In this on-demand initiation, you will also learn how to:

- Enter more simply into the present moment.

- Relax more easily.

- Heal painful emotions, toxic thoughts, etc.

Program of This On-demand Awakening

This approximately 3-hour workshop is structured to ensure your autonomy in learning. Over the 12 weeks of unlimited replay, you'll be guided by videos, an interactive 40-page course manual, exercises, and a progression in watching the lessons. Additionally, a 10-15 minute video interview with me concludes the program.

No additional support outside of these materials is necessary or provided.

If you wish to ask questions, delve deeper into the content, or receive personalized recommendations, you can do so through an online consultation (price not included in the workshop).

To be announced. 

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