"Secret ancient spiritual teachings to raise Oneness"

An unprecedented initiation. An inner awakening accelerator. A booster of well-being and self-fulfilment.

Coming soon in VOD.

This online workshop is open to anyone interested or feeling called.

If you already have a well-being, meditation, or personal development practice, like "The Treasure" program for instance, this workshop will greatly multiply its power.

If you already practice The Treasure Meditation, this booster will take you to a level of well-being, consciousness and achievement that you cannot imagine yet.

Your power of manifestation will, indeed, become even greater because the higher your spiritual vibrations, the greater your power of manifesting abundance and fulfilling yourself.

This booster contains practical teachings hidden and absent from mainstream practices like traditional mindfulness meditation, shamanism, etc.

This 6 hour-long VOD program is structured so that you are autonomous in your learning.

You are accompanied throughout the 10 weeks by unlimited replays of the videos, a 40-page interactive course manual, exercises to be done, steps to follow in viewing the courses, as well as 2 guided audio practices available in your account after the course, without time limit, and a 15-minute video interview with me at the end of the program. No other support will thus be provided.

If you wish to receive personalised recommendations, ask questions or exchange more in depth with me about the content of this workshop, it is possible to book a private appointment (price not included in the workshop).

Course Preview

  • How to practically raise the "spiritual vibration of oneness" in your body to feel better, be less impacted by negative thoughts and emotions, and access the highest levels of your spiritual potential and power. 
  • How to access the other dimension of yourself free from any duality, tension, suffering, past and karma.
  • How to heal emotionally and sooth your mind with simple and effective techniques.
  • How to easily enter in the present moment in a few minutes, and not after 20 years of meditation. 
  • How to activate the natural movement of relaxation of the body rather than forcing techniques onto your body.

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Certification incluSE
Vous recevrez à l'issue de cette étape, et de l'entretien individuel, un certificat attestant de votre suivi de cet enseignement.
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