The Treasure™ Meditation (step 2)

Manifesting and taping into your spiritual power and potential.

The Treasure™ Meditation (step 2) allows you to activate your spiritual power and potential between private sessions (step 1).

It is available only to those who have started The Treasure™ Program and will be sent to you by WhatsApp after your first private session.

Without activation and practice after the sessions with me, no change will take place in your life.

This meditation is unique and much more than a meditation. It gives you the key to the opening of the heart to change, and allows you to disconnect your body from the frequencies of "the past, repetition and suffering" and turn it, instead, into a new antenna emitting the vibrations of The Treasure™ to reach an unprecedented level of well-being, heal yourself from within, and fulfil yourself in abundance, free from past, pain and suffering.

Your body acts as an antenna, so you will not receive the same information, energies and consciousness - and create the same reality - depending on which frequencies or channels your antenna is tuned to.

Because old keys can't open new doors, it is therefore necessary to "reprogram your antenna" to access the best possible frequencies for you, i.e. the spiritual frequencies of the Treasure™ that are unique to you.

Gradually, your body creates a new chemistry and your brain, new connections. Your electro-magnetic field grows, while specific energy centers open up in the body.

A new "antenna" is being set up. Your body feels lighter, newer and more open. Your body starts healing from the inside (new hardware). Your being also starts healing (new software). And a new reality (new life) is created from your highest potential and the most powerful part of yourself.

You attract and manifest in matter the Treasure™ and everything you need to feel good and fulfil yourself in abundance. Everything comes to you naturally, without effort. This meditation is, of course, also very relaxing and healing.

Price / duration: free / 30 minutes.
Please disregard the price tag on this page. The meditation will be unlocked after your 1st private session.

Should you have specific questions about the meditation, please kindly ask them in your next private session. No other support will be provided.

How to access The Treasure™ Meditation?

You need to have a WhatsApp account so the meditation can be sent to you after your first private session.

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