Well-being for Adults Online

Welcome to Well-Being Sessions for Adults Online !

Tailored to your needs and goals, these sessions offer relaxation, emotional healing, personal growth, and healing breakthroughs.

My healing clairvoyance allows me to quickly identify and address emotional, energetic, conscious/unconscious, and spiritual blockages, saving you valuable time.

During our session, I may utilize:

  • Somato-Emotional Release®: Gently releasing emotional tensions impacting your well-being and health.

  • Energy and Karmic Healing: Activating healing energies and addressing karmic imprints impacting your soul.

  • Energy Psychology: Highlighting and releasing limiting blocks through compassionate communication.

The frequency of sessions depends on your goals, typically scheduled every 3 or 4 weeks for those desiring ongoing support.

It's important to note that I don't provide medical diagnoses, and my work complements, but doesn't replace, appropriate medical treatment.

For those seeking to heal from within by activating their highest spiritual power and potential to live the best of themselves and fullfill their dreams, consider The Treasure™ session, encompassing the same healing aspects with added spiritual depth.

Ready to embark on your well-being journey? Book a session today!

130 Euros / 60 minutes
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You can easily and free of charge reschedule or cancel an appointment with a minimum notice of 48 hours; otherwise, the session fee is due. Thank you.
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