Emotional Gates Therapy™

Emotional Gates Therapy™ is a new alternative therapy and healing system that enables people to heal, free and fulfill themselves. 

EGT is unique in that it not only activates healing and well-being at all levels (emotional, subconscious and physical and more) but also, and more importantly, empowers people to plug directly into the dimension of oneness within them - their spiritual dimension that is free of all "baggage," blockages and past – thereby reducing the need to work on the endless flow of issues and limitations arising in duality and allowing for a much higher level of wholeness and freedom to fulfill oneself.

Emotional Gates Therapy™ draws on Lionel's 14 years of work as a health practitioner, his own discoveries, and on spiritual teachings that very few people know. 

Private sessions
In a session, Lionel identifies and clears "that which is not you or yours" - i.e. the blockages (emotional, subconscious, family etc.) in body memory affecting your health and well-being or holding you back - so you can fulfil yourself in life from your True Self - the alignement with your spiritual identity - and not from the ego or past. Depending on the objectives of your appointment, Lionel can also work on your physical and subtle bodies to boost your health and trigger your self-healing ability with gentle craniosacral therapy or osteopathy techniques.

EGT is completely different from other alternative therapies or healing systems, be they mind-based or body-based : clients need not talk much about themselves and treatments can be received remotely as touching the body is not required.

Workshops (Europe, Asia and on Skype)
The 2-day workshops are the necessary complement of the work Lionel does in individual sessions. They empower you, not only to reach a new level of health and well-being in an accessible and effective way by yourself, but also to learn how to directly plug into, and sync to, the dimension of oneness within you, free from all imprints, blockages and past, to manifest and experience your True Self - aligned with your spiritual identity - through a gate in the body. Only you can do it.

To make an appointment at Lionel's clinic, for a distant healing, a consultation on Skype, or to sign up for a workshop, click here. A short video in French by Lionel Gougne on EGT is available here.