“Reconnect to yourself, be free and empowered
with the Oneness Program”

Credits: Photo @ le Centre Elément, Paris.

Credits: Photo @ le Centre Elément, Paris.


Lionel Gougne has been helping adults and children be themselves, more free and healthier for 15 years.

Spiritual teacher, craniosacral therapist trained in osteopathy (“With the lightest touch, the most powerful healing" - Japan Times, 27/5/2006) and life coach, he is the creator of the “Oneness Program” that he regularly teaches in Paris, Geneva, Berlin, London, Brussels, Singapore, Bali and online. He is also a graduate of Yale Law School and a former attorney-at-law in New York specialised in conflit resolution.

Lionel’s work is based on liberation and empowerement at the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels so people can be free to fulfill themselves to their full potential and live in harmony with themselves and others. His work offers a unique combination of modern and cutting edge holistic therapies and ancient teachings that very few know about. The “Oneness” program consists of private consultations, workshops, classes and retreats that help you:

  • Reconnect to your essence - that part of you that is free of duality, past, limitation, tension, “baggage” and that only knows freedom and inner power through Oneness.

  • Raise the Oneness vibration in your body so you can feel better, be more free and empowered without having to address and heal each and every blockage or issue in you.

  • Release emotional and subconscious imprints holding you back and affecting your well-being, health and carrier.

  • Be more relaxed and empowered by learning a new way of letting go, moving your body freely, developing your intuition and creativity while boosting your health and fitness.


"I feel good, light, peaceful and present. It is easy, beautiful. I feel effortlessly powerful.
It is meditation times 10"


JEAN-CHRISTOPHE, founder of a popular website on yoga and spirituality


"Lionel's private sessions and workshops are unique and worth the experience to heal oneself and get a sense of what it feels like to be connected to the vibration of the True Self”

- DR. SHAMIM DAYA, MD, GP, Wholistic Medical Center, London


“My yoga practice is deeper and more powerful. I now understand what the vibration of Oneness is”

LAUREEN, Certified Yoga Teacher


"With the lightest touch, the most powerful healing" 


- JAPAN TIMES 27/5/2006