Relax. Be yourself.
Be empowered and successful.


Lionel Gougne has been helping clients feel better, be healthier and be more successful for 15 years.

His work is based on liberation and empowerment at the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels so people can be themselves and free to achieve their full potential in harmony with others. Originally a craniosacral therapist also trained in osteopathy, Lionel uses his clear sightedness to read a person at the core and identify blockages to his/her well-being, health and success. His work is quite unique and overlaps established categories such as craniosacral therapist, coach, healer or consultant. He has a gift with children and babies whom he helps be more centered, well adjusted and grow to the best of their abilities (“With the lightest touch, the most powerful healing" - Japan Times, 27/5/2006).

He consults on Skype and teaches workshops and classes once in while in Paris, Geneva, Berlin, London, Brussels, Singapore, and Bali and well as on Skype. He is a graduate of Yale Law School and was a former attorney-at-law in New York specialised in conflit resolution before successfully transitioning to his current activity.

Skype sessions

In a Skype session, Lionel identifies and releases what holds you back at the emotional, subconscious, family or spiritual level so you can transform from within, move forward again and achieve more well-being and success. He also works remotely on babies and children. Following all appointments, Lionel works energetically on you at a distance to further support your healing process and transformation, at no extra cost.


Module 1 : Relax. Let go. Get rid of your stress.

Discover a new way to let go of stress and tension and boost your health, well-being and fitness. This new class combines breathing, movement, meditation, intuition and creativity to help you respond to life events with more freedom and power instead of reacting to your environment from your tensions, your emotions and fears, your mind and ego. Duration : 60 - 90 minutes.

Faire monter la vibration de l'unité en soi

Module 2 : Get rid of your blockages. Achieve your potential.

Free yourself of what is holding you back during and adversely affet your well-being, health and success during a private session or workshop.

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Module 3 : Reconnect to your essence to be free and powerful.

In this unique workshop, you will learn an ancient technique to raise the vibration of Oneness in your body in order to be more free and feel better and also uncover this hidden treasure in yourself: your essence - your deep and unique identity - free of “baggage”, fears, ego, past and limitations.


Module 4 : Boost your health.

Learn how to boost your life force inner power to live a more balanced and healthier life, recharge your batteries faster, sleep better, boost your immune system, and just feel better.

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Module 5 : Improve the well-being, potential and performances of your team.

The more relaxed your team is, the more efficient, resilient and creative it is. Contact us to learn about our corporate program to take your team and company to the next level.


Upcoming workshops

Available at any time on Skype and on specific dates in Paris, Brussels, Geneva, Berlin, London, Singapore and Bali. Get in touch for the program and dates.



"I feel light good, light, peaceful and in the present moment. It’s simple and beautiful. It’s power without efforts. It’s meditation times 10.”

- JEAN-CHRISTOPHE, founder of an online media on yoga and spirituality


"My yoga practice is deeper and more powerful. I know understand better what the vibration of ‘Oneness’

- LAUREEN, certified yoga teacher

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"The most powerful healing with the lightest touch"

- JAPAN TIMES, 5/26/2006


“A fantastic tool to free oneself, heal and experience the vibration of the True Self"

- DR. SHAMIM DAYA, MD, Wholistic Medical Center, London