Founder of The "Oneness Practice":
"Plug directly into the dimension of Oneness in you
to feel better, more free and to fulfill yourself"

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“What Lionel teaches is indeed a great and necessary self-empowering tool for people to learn so that they can not only heal themselves but their family and friends too. His private sessions and workshops are unique and worth the experience even if only to get a sense  of what it feels like to be connected to the vibration of the True Self.” - DR. SHAMIM DAYA, MD, GP, Wholistic Medical Center, London

"With the lightest touch, the most powerful healing" - Japan Times 27/5/2006

"I have heard very good things about you and I am more than willing to refer mothers and children who would benefit from your expertise" - DR. KARL CHE, Board Certified Pediatrician and neonatologist, National Medical Clinic, Tokyo

Interview of Lionel Gougne on TV in Serbia (English / Serbian):

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