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The "Oneness curriculum" empowers you to free and fulfill yourself by plugging directly into the dimension of Oneness - a dimension free of problems, "baggage," and past where lies your spiritual identity - and to achieve greater well-being and health.

The workshops and classes program is progressive, practical and accessible to everyone. No special knowledge or skills are required, just an open mind.

Many people, even those on an advanced spiritual journey, are unaware that they live in both the dimension of duality and that of Oneness at the same time. They keep looking for solutions, their path, well-being and self-fulfilment only in the dimension of duality. As a result, they find themselves locked in its endless flow of tension, issues, "imprints" and past - i.e. "duality baggage" - that further cuts them off from the dimension of Oneness and the other parts of their being therein, the most important being their spiritual identity.

Why not plug, instead, directly into the dimension of Oneness free of all that and offering so much more? All you need is to know how to and this is what Lionel Gougne is inviting you to discover and learn. Only you can do it for yourself.

2018 Oneness program

  • Foundation: "Don't Waste Your Time And Energy: Plug Directly Into The Dimension Of Oneness"
  • Level 1: "Develop The Powers Of Your Spiritual Mind"
  • Level 2: "Raise Your Spiritual  Vibration "
  • Level 3: "Meet Your Spiritual Identity Free Of Limitations, Baggage and Past In The Dimension Of Oneness "
  • Level 4: "Sync To The Dimension Of Oneness, Not That Of Duality"
  • Level 5: "You Are The Path"
  • Online / regular class: "Oneness Practice"
  • Online / regular class: "Develop the powers of your spiritual mind"
  • Online / regular class: "Boost your health and well-being now, not later"

Achievements at the end of the curriculum

  • Reconnection to your spiritual identity to be free and fulfill yourself materially and spiritually.
  • Highest possible spiritual vibration - the Oneness vibration - to be ipso facto less affected by "duality baggage."
  • Synchronisation to the dimension of Oneness instead of that of duality and past.
  • Ability to easily release "imprints" in body memory that affect your health and well-being.
  • Ability to strengthen your health and heal yourself of many symptoms and conditions, and help others the same way you help yourself.


Oneness, foundation level: "Don't Waste Your Time And Energy: Plug Directly Into The Dimension Of Oneness"
This foundation workshop will give you an overview of spiritual teachings that few people know about the nature of the dimension of Oneness, its language, its articulation with the dimension of duality, the health and well-being advantages of plugging directly into it, the parts of our being that lie therein and its role in liberation and self-fulfilment. You will learn the first steps of the Oneness Practice by plugging directly into the dimension of Oneness to experience a new feeling of lightness, peace and freedom from "duality baggage." Later, you will learn how to raise the Oneness vibration in your body, develop the powers of your spiritual mind, and ultimately connect to your spiritual identity free of duality, limitations and past. Duration: 3 hours. Also available online 1-on-1.

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  • “What Lionel teaches is indeed a great and necessary self-empowering tool for people to learn so that they can not only heal themselves but their family and friends too. His private sessions and workshops are unique and worth the experience even if only to get a sense  of what it feels like to be connected to the vibration of the True Self.” Dr. Shamim Daya, MD, GP, Wholistic Medical Center, London.
  • "It was really life changing for me. Something very strong happened in the area of my heart. It is opening and my posture is changing. I'm feeling reconnected," CG, Berlin.
  • "Enlightening, awakening of inner potential and power from within," C.Y., Singapore.