Private sessions

Relax, let go of blockages affecting your well-being, health and career and reconnect to yourself to be free and empowered. Sessions are different from psychology or mind-based coaching in that Lionel connects to the root of the being and fixes the issues affecting it at a deep level, including the spiritual one, without clients needing to talk much. Sessions are suited for adults, babies and children alike. Lionel is renown, particularly, for his work with children and babies and is regularly referred clients from doctors and therapists. Sessions are available in Paris and on Skype or upon request.

Workshops, classes and retreats

Available all year round in Europe, Asia and on Skype. Regular classes in Paris will be available from September 2019. Contact us for more information and for organising your own Oneness experience.

Corporate retreats and programs

Corporate retreats in France are available to help corporate executives relax, recharge, reconnect to themselves, develop their potential and achieve their targets more easily while learning to let go in a new way to me more efficient and work in more harmony with others. Are you interested to organise your own retreat or program for your company? Get in touch and we will tailor a unique Oneness experience to your needs.