The objectives of the Oneness Program

The Oneness Program is designed to help you be yourself, free and empowered and it is accessible to everyone with an open mind.

To feel good and be free, one needs, first, to be him or herself. Being oneself brings inner peace and power. To enjoy life more and fulfill one’s full potential, one also needs to let go of “baggage” affecting both well-being, health and one’s career. Eventually, one needs to be empowered. Power comes from being yourself and from being relaxed. Without physical and mental relaxation, one has no power and without power there is no freedom.

Be yourself

Connect to your essence, your True Self free of all tension, limitations and “baggage”. That part of you that only knows oneness, freedom and power is simply…you.

Be free

Raise the Oneness vibration in your body with the “Oneness Practice” to be automatically less impacted by “duality baggage” such as negative thoughts and emotions, subconscious programs etc. The higher the Oneness vibration in your body, the better, the lighter and the more free you are.
In parallel, release the hidden emotional and subconscious blockages that hold you back or disconnect you from your True Self with the “Oneness Healing” workshops and learn how to boost your health by yourself. There is so much we can do for ourselves. All we need to know is how to.

Be empowered

Discover a new way of breathing and relaxing not just your body but your whole being. The “Oneness Movement” relaxation classes and their life activation principles are about letting go, developing non-resistance, intuition, adaptation and freedom to tap into your inner power. Life needs movement and power also comes from freedom of movement. Classes are suited to everyone, including children.



Reconnect to your essence free of limitations and “baggage” to be yourself and free. Relax, let go of blockages affecting your well-being, health and career, and be more empowered. Sessions are different from psychology or mind-based coaching in that Lionel connects to the root of the being and fixes the issues affecting it at a deep level, including the spiritual one, without clients needing to talk. They are suited for adults, babies and children alike.



Let go totally to be more empowered and more free with the “Oneness Practice,” “Oneness Healing” and “Oneness Mouvement” classes. Contact us for the class schedule in Paris (available from the summer 2019).


Individual & corporate Oneness retreats in France, Europe and Bali to evade, relax, rejuvenate, reconnect, develop your potential and experience more harmony with yourself and others. Contact us for more information.