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ONLINE ALL YEAR - Level 1: Release Emotional & Subconscious Imprints In Body Memory

Level 1: Release Emotional & Subconscious Imprints In Body Memory

Emotional Gates Therapy™ is a new alternative therapy and healing system that enables people to heal, free and fulfill themselves. 

EGT is unique in that it not only activates healing and well-being at all levels (emotional, subconscious and physical and more) but also, and more importantly, empowers people to plug directly into the dimension of oneness within them - their spiritual dimension that is free of all "baggage," blockages and past – thereby reducing the need to work on the endless flow of issues and limitations arising in duality and allowing for a much higher level of wholeness and freedom to fulfill oneself.

Emotional Gates Therapy™ draws on spiritual teachings that very few people know and on Lionel Gougne's 14 years of work and discoveries as a health practitioner.

Benefits and applications of this level 1 workshop

  • Learn how to be emotionally more centered and relaxed in your daily life.
  • Learn a practical 6-step protocol to heal the emotional and subconscious causes of pain, tension and disease, using emotions as “gates” to access the subconscious mind.
  • Learn a unique technique that bypasses the ego-based mind to get rid of that which is not you and yours.
  • Find out your current level of oneness and learn how to progressively raise it to be less impacted by the endless flow of imprints, issues and limitations in life.
  • Learn how to boost your emotional well-being.
  • Have access to all online and regular practice classes.

The beauty and efficiency of Emotional Gates Therapy™ lie in its simplicity and accessibility to everybody. The workshop is 90% practical and does not require any special knowledge or skills - only an open mind and a desire to move beyond what you already know. After these 2 days you will be able to practice the 6-step protocol at home in a few minutes, comfortably seated on a chair.

Pre-requisite: an open mind and interest to go beyond what you already know
Language: English or French


Testimonials of level 1

“What Lionel teaches with his Emotional Gates Therapy™ is indeed a great and necessary self-empowering tool for people to learn so that they can not only heal themselves but their family and friends too. His private sessions and workshops are unique and worth the experience even if only to get a sense  of what it feels like to be connected to the vibration of the True Self.” Dr. Shamim Daya, MD, GP, Wholistic Medical Center, London.

"It was really life changing for me. Something very strong happened in the area of my heart. It is opening and my posture is changing. I'm feeling reconnected," CG, Berlin.

"Enlightening, awakening of inner potential and power from within," C.Y., Singapore.

"I am a better, more calm person today. The workshop exceeded my expectations. It has opened the gates to my emotions and the journey to self-healing begins. I am very excited about healing and living life in a new light," P.B., Singapore.

"Truly pioneering stuff in terms of distilling the most vital techniques thanks to Lionel's personal discoveries and insights", L.W., Singapore