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ANYTIME ONLINE - Oneness, level 3

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  • Learn the next steps of the Oneness Practice to raise the oneness vibration of your body higher to enjoy more freedom from that which is not you or yours and from the past, and to fell better and lighter.

  • Learn how to connect to your spiritual identity free of all limitations, baggage, and past in the dimension of Oneness to free and fulfil yourself.

  • Experience the difference between the parts of your being that lie in the dimension of Oneness and the ones in the dimension of duality riddled with blockages, imprints, past and karma.

  • Learn how to "navigate" in the dimension of Spirit to receive guidance, gifts, teachings free of duality, past and karma.

  • Learn and practice how to enhance your health and well-being in new ways and how to help others (family, clients, friends) the same way you do it for yourself - including remotely.

English or French
Group workshop of 5 one and a half hour classes with home practice in between

Later Event: May 23
BRUSSELS - Oneness, niveau 2