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BRUSSELS - Level 2: "Développez Les Pouvoirs De Votre Pensée Spirituelle"

  • Raise the oneness vibration of your body to ipso facto disengage from more imprints, limitations and the past. 
  • Learn how to heal the body, its organs, its systems (endocrine, nervous, immune system etc.) and just any part from the dimension of Oneness and without having to know anatomy.
  • Learn how to treat and strengthen the etheric body around the body for better health, including that of other people  (babies, children, and adults). 
  • Access a part of yourself in the dimension of Oneness that is free of all "baggage" and experience a new level of wholeness and peace. 

Lieu: Bruxelles
Date: les 23 et 24 mai, 9h30 - 16h30.
Langue: français