"Plug directly into the dimension of Oneness to feel lighter, more free and relaxed."

Lionel Gougne
Founder of the Oneness Practice

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Oneness Practice workshop at Le Centre Element, Paris. Photo by Xavier Chabeur.

"I feel good, light, peaceful and present. It is easy, beautiful. I feel effortlessly powerful, it is like meditation times 10"

JEAN-CHRISTOPHE, founder of Yogitimes.com

Don't waste your time and energy, plug directly into Oneness

"Lionel's private sessions, workshops and retreats are unique and worth the experience to heal oneself and get a sense of what it feels like to be connected to the vibration of the True Self”

DR. SHAMIM DAYA, MD, GP, Wholistic Medical Center, London

Oneness heals

"With the lightest touch, the most powerful healing" 

JAPAN TIMES 27/5/2006

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