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Unlock The Power Within: The Treasure™ Program✨ 

Unlock Your Highest Spiritual Force, Healing Power and Life Path

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The Treasure™ is your highest spiritual force, liberated from suffering and the burdens of the past, including the karma of your soul.

It holds the key to unlocking your greatest potential and healing power.

Through the Treasure™ Program, you will unlock this force and tap into its infinite potential to heal and create an improved new life guided by your highest and most powerful self—the spiritual one.

The journey begins with your initial private session, where you'll receive the first key to the Treasure™ alongside healing.

Even renowned spiritual teacher Eckhart Tolle acknowledges that he does not possess this key.

Are you ready ?

The Japan Times

Angela Jeffs
The most powerful healing.


Founder de Yogi Times
 About Lionel's Treasure™ Program : I feel good, light, peaceful and present. It's easy. It's beautiful. It's effortless power. It's 10 times better than meditation.
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Dr. Shamim Daya

Physician, Holistic medical center, London
Lionel's sessions and workshops are extraordinary and must absolutely be experienced. 
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Video Testimonial of Brett C.

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My Services

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About me

I am Lionel, a Clairvoyant Healer and Consciousness Awakener with over 20 years of experience guiding you in unlocking the Treasure™ within you—your highest spiritual force, healing power, and life path—while breaking free from past limitations and suffering.

Why Work with Me?

With the privilege of supporting thousands on their healing journeys, I’ve earned recognition from medical professionals and the media for my healing and transformative approach.

My Journey

Originally from France and a Yale Law School graduate, my life’s purpose shifted dramatically after a miraculous escape from a car accident and a profound dream urging me to 'rekindle life in others.' Inspired by this revelation, I left a prestigious career at a New York law firm to immerse myself in various healing practices culminating in the creation of the Treasure™ Program.

Start Your Journey Today

Are you ready to change your life? Book a session with me today and let's start awakening to the Treasure™ within you together.

My practice

Characterized by its soft, fluid, and effective approach, my practice is founded on 3 distinct gifts that I bring to each session
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Gift 1: Healing Clairvoyance and Innovative Healing

My healing clairvoyance communicates with your life's intelligence and automatically activates your healing process.

It also allows me to focus healing where it's needed most across all dimensions — physical, emotional, energetic, conscious, unconscious, and spiritual — saving you valuable time.

Each tailored session is a distinct experience that seamlessly integrates my healing clairvoyance with energy and spiritual healing.

Gift 2: Unlocking Your Highest Spiritual Power and Life Path With The Treasure™ Program

Embrace a life liberated from the shadows of the past and all limitations.

Embody the very best version of yourself - the spiritual one- while enjoying the material world and living your dreams.

Ready to discover the transformative power of the Treasure™ Program and redefine your existence?

Gift 3: Elevating The Oneness Vibration Within You With A Unique Online Workshop

Uncover the hidden vibration within—Oneness.

Elevate your Oneness vibration for transformative change, heightened well-being, and newfound freedom—no matter life's baggage.

The higher it is, the better you feel, and the more empowered you become.

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