Remote Energy Healing

Recommended for adults, children, and babies.

With a recognized gift for connecting with children, my remote healing sessions help them feel better, release emotional tensions, and grow to their fullest potential.

Setting myself apart from services confined to closed energy healing systems like Reiki, which apply the same frequency throughout the session for everything, everybody, and everywhere, I dynamically channel and apply the precise energies needed from the entire spectrum.

This allows me to orchestrate a sequence of different energies throughout the appointment, making my healings more tailored to your needs and more powerful.


Experience the effects within 2 weeks, often noticeable within days after the session.

Tailored Approach

The number of sessions varies based on your unique situation, needs, and body. The exact count is impossible to determine in advance.

Restful Healing

While it's preferable to rest during the treatment, it's not mandatory. Avoid driving or engaging in concentration-intensive activities. Children can continue with their usual activities or sleep during the session.

Booking Information

This service is performed remotely and not online.

After booking, send a brief email with your or your child's first and last name along with the reasons for your request (physical problem, emotional issue, etc.). Treatment requires this information.

If this information is not received by the time of your appointment you booked, your appointment will be lost and you won't receive a refund.

Communication and Reporting

I don't send a report unless necessary and can't respond to questions via email or phone after the session.

Live Interaction with The Treasure™ Program

For those who prefer live interaction and deeper healing, consider The Treasure™ Program, offering energy healing and much more. This allows real-time interaction, and I can use my clairvoyance to guide you.

Thank you for trusting in the healing process.


100 Euros / 30 min

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IMPORTANT: AVAILABLE APPOINTMENTS ARE SHOWN IN YOUR TIME ZONE. You can reschedule or cancel an appointment free of charge with a minimum notice of 48 hours.

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