Unlock the Power Within: The Treasure™ Program ✨

Unlock Your Highest Spiritual Force, Healing Power and Life Path

Discover a profound journey to healing, spiritual awakening and life transformation with the Treasure™ Program.

More than just a process, it's a transformative experience that liberates you from the burdens of the past and guides you towards your highest potential.

What is The Treasure™?

The Treasure™ is your highest spiritual force, liberated from the shackles of the past, including the karma of your soul.

Connected to The Treasure™, you're immediately carried by a powerful spiritual force—your own. 

As your heart opens, new energy portals awaken within your body, expanding your energy field.

This profound awakening leads you to a new experience of oneness with yourself, enveloping you in immense inner peace.

Through the Treasure™ Program, you will unlock this force and tap into its infinite potential to create an improved new life, not from the quantum field, but, better, guided by your highest and most powerful self—the spiritual one, transcending the past.

What to Expect:

In each private session, I will guide you through a personalized healing journey using my healing clairvoyance and energy healing techniques.

Together, we will address blockages, emotional wounds, and karmic imprints that may be holding you back.

But it doesn't stop there. Through a series of sessions, you will gradually unlock The Treasure™ within you, each time delving deeper into your spiritual power and potential.

Manifesting The Treasure™ in your daily life, thereby transforming, healing, and fulfilling yourself while freeing yourself from the past, becomes your responsibility.

That's why I've designed the Treasure™ Meditation to help you activate and manifest this power between sessions. This unique and groundbreaking meditation is free.

"A new consciousness now!"

The Treasure™ Program isn't the culmination of a lifelong quest.

Instead, it's the starting point, an abundant new life, accessed through a new consciousness in elevated spiritual energies.

The unique spiritual energies of The Treasure™ are exclusively yours and surpass those of traditional meditation or in the quantum field.

Even renown spiritual teacher Eckhart Tolle acknowledges that he doesn't possess this key.

Are You Ready?

The number of sessions you need depends on your healing needs and goals. After the initial session, a follow-up appointment is scheduled to measure your progress and provide further guidance.


200 Euros for 1 session (60 min).

800 Euros for 1 package of 5 sessions (valid for 6 months).

Sessions are conducted online via Google Meet on your computer - not your mobile phone - to make sure you are not disturbed during the session.

Please have an A4 (or similar size) sheet of paper and colored pencils, or markers, on hand on the day of your appointment. 

Online Booking

Click the link below for booking. Appointment times are shown in your time zone (make sure your location is not changed by a vpn).

To benefit from the 5-session package, click on "Packages" in the menu of the online booking service below.

You can easily reschedule or cancel an appointment free of charge with a minimum notice of 48 hours.

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