The Treasure™

A New Paradigm of Inner Healing and Awakening To Live The Best of Yourself and Fulfill Your Dreams.

More powerful than your soul, The Treasure™ is the part of you that holds your highest spiritual power and potential, free from the past and all limitations, including your soul's karma.

In your initial private session, I provide you with the first key to The Treasure™. Even Eckhart Tolle acknowledges he doesn't possess this key.

Are you ready to experience the best of yourself and fulfill your dreams?

Connected to The Treasure™, you're immediately carried by a powerful spiritual force—your own. You experience a new unity with yourself, in immense inner peace, free from all past burdens.

Your heart opens, your energy shifts, and your energy field expands. Your body undergoes a transformation, creating a new chemistry, and your brain forms new connections. New energy portals open in the body, establishing a new matrix.

You then manifest The Treasure™ in the material world, creating a new reality (new life) from your highest spiritual potential infused with inner joy, power, and abundance.

The Treasure™ Program

Comprising individual sessions and The Treasure™ Meditation, the program is designed to heal you and unlock The Treasure™.

Each private session
activates a new spiritual key, gradually revealing your highest spiritual power and potential.

The healing component addresses blockages, wounds, suffering, emotional, karmic, or family imprints in body memory, and more—guided by my healing clairvoyance. 

The Treasure™ Meditation
 empowers you between sessions, grounding your consciousness in The Treasure™ and reprogramming your body into a new transmitter of elevated vibrations of well-being, healing, and abundance.

As you progress, your body becomes less receptive to the lower frequencies of "the past, suffering, and your limitations."

I experience The Treasure™ daily, and that's why I created it.

"Old keys won't open new doors!"

Traditional healing, coaching, and counseling sessions leave the body and consciousness locked in the past. Additionally, all therapies, no matter how good they are, lack the key to the spiritual dimension of the human being.

After practicing as a traditional healer and therapist, solely focused on healing the past, suffering, and limitations, I understood and created The Treasure™.

A completely new paradigm, The Treasure™ merges inner healing, consciousness awakening, and body reprogramming to create a new and improved life from your highest and most powerful self—the spiritual one, transcending the past.

"A new consciousness now!"

The Treasure™ isn't the culmination of a lifelong quest. Instead, it's the starting point, an abundant new life, accessed through a new consciousness in elevated energies. You can never be better than who you are spiritually and realized in the material world.

So, are you ready to live this experience and manifest the best of yourself, not in the sense given by life coaches or therapists, but spiritually, at your highest level?

How many individual sessions do I need?

A second session is necessary one month after the first appointment to measure your progress, continue your healing, and provide you with the second key to The Treasure™.

Afterward, it depends on your well-being goals and healing needs. Each session reveals a new and more powerful spiritual key.


200 Euros for 1 session (60 min).

800 Euros for 1 package of 5 sessions (valid for 6 months).

The Treasure™ Meditation is free and included in the price.

To activate the Package of 5 sessions, please click on the booking link below and go to the "Packages" tab in the menu.

Online sessions take place on Google Meet by clicking on the link you receive in the confirmation email of our appointment.

Please have an A4 sheet of paper and colored pencils or markers on hand on the day of your online appointment. If you have an appointment in Brussels, you don't need to do anything else.

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You can easily and free of charge reschedule or cancel an appointment with a minimum notice of 48 hours; otherwise, the session fee is due. Thank you.
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